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Classes Vaccinations – Lost Art Press

We have received several questions (and a threat of a lawsuit) about why we are requiring students in our classes to be vaccinated for COVID.

This decision was entirely mine, and I wanted to explain it here (and give Megan a place to send future questions).

In simple terms, COVID-19 is a deadly and highly transmissible disease, vaccines are not perfect and this building is my home, where I live with my wife and one of our kids. 

Our workshop is a tight interior space, and students are almost on top of one another, huffing and puffing as they cut, plane, chop and carve wood. In other words, this is an ideal place for COVID to spread.

And though the vaccines work well, they are not perfect. And so I ask that if you come into my home that you be vaccinated to keep everyone as safe as possible. The vaccine is free and widely available, so there is no economic or class discrimination at play.

Finally, we are not asking for your medical information. No one will ask to see your vaccination record. It’s the honor system. If you are happy to deceive us, that’s on your conscience.

My hope is that by 2022, infection rates will be so low that we won’t have to worry about COVID much. But for this year, I’m asking: Please, get vaccinated before you visit my home and shop.

— Christopher Schwarz

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