My Final Column at Core77 – Lost Art Press


You can read my final column at Core77 about how to get paid for your work via this link. Please note that the topic of this column and the fact that I won’t be writing there in the future have nothing to do with each other. Promise.

Rain Noe, my editor at Core77, has been fantastic. It’s been one of my best experiences as a freelancer. My column was cut, I’m told, for budget reasons.

The topic of my final column likely will not appeal to most of you. It’s about the strategies I use to make sure I get paid for my freelance and contract work – writing, designing and building. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and this column might help you avoid a few scars.

Thanks to Rain and everyone at Core77 for hosting my writing (and paying me promptly) for the last 12 months.

— Christopher Schwarz

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